Copenhagen metro station

New metro line opens to innovative Copenhagen area

Photo: Reginaldo Sales / Metroselskabet

28 March 2020, the new Copenhagen metro line M4 will add two new stations to the city’s expanding metro network.

Because of the initiatives to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the opening of the M4 line will be without the planned celebrations. Once the lockdown is over and the situation is back to normal, the M4 will be an excellent opportunity to explore the upcoming neighbourhood of Nordhavn. Located at the northernmost part of the Copenhagen harbor, the area is one of the newest additions to the city map making it the perfect destination for first movers. New projects are constantly emerging and innovation is the key characteristic of this part of town. From the new metro stations Nordhavn and Orientkaj, you can discover architecture, gastronomy and world class waterfront living. 

The M4 will run from the new stations in Nordhavn to Copenhagen Central Station in just 12 minutes. Over the next years, the work on the M4 line continues. According to the plan, an extension of the line from Copenhagen Central Station to the Sydhavn neighbourhood will open in 2024 thereby connecting the northernmost and the southernmost parts of the Copenhagen harbour.

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