Regan Vest

Cold War Museum REGAN Vest to Open 13 February 2023

Photo: Lars Horn and Nordjyske Museer

Monday 13 February 2023, the Danish Cold War Museum REGAN Vest will open to the public, and it will already be possible to reserve tickets for tours from 1 November.

What can guests experience at the museum?

The museum is opening to tell stories from the Cold War. The main attraction is the nuclear proof bunker, which is kept with the original interior – ranging from Arne Jacobsen chairs and Danish Design lamps and communication equipment, NATO stamps and office kits. The equipment is now outdated, so it would not be activated in case of a new nuclear emergency.

Guest can see where the government and Monarch would have lived and worked, in case the war heated up. The Monarch would have to be there to sign the laws, but would stay in rooms similar to others, with the exception of her having her own bathroom. The name regan is a reference to the Danish word for government, regering.

Regan Vest museum in North Jutland

Photo:Lars Horn and Nordjyske Museer

The original entrance was hidden in a normal-looking family house, where the engineer lived at the time. The house has been decorated to look like it would have in the 80’s, and the guests will be able to "meet" the family living there via digital screens.

Additionally, guests can also see an exhibition on the Cold War in the newly built reception and museum building close by. This has been created by AART Architects  in the shape of four black boxes, tucked deep inside the forest. The exhibition will include items from the nuclear bombings in Hiroshima in 1945 as well as stories from the fear and preparations surrounding the Cold War in Denmark.

Ove the bunker, hiking trails have been established to give visitors an idea of the construction below ground.  

Regan Vest museum in North Jutland
Photo: Lars Horn and Nordjyske Museer
Maak de mooiste Denemarken wandelingen in Rold Skov, Rebild Bakker
Photo: © Dennis Lundby

How can guests visit?

Because of the great interest to visit the bunker, guests will need to book a tour in advance. It will not be possible to book tickets at the door, or to visit on your own without going on a tour. On 1 November, tickets will be released for the period until Easter 2023.


There will be two different types of tours

  • One with the tour of the museum for DKK260 ($/€35)
  • One including the Danish lunchtime classic open-faced sandwiches smørrebrød served in the bunker’s dining hall for DKK510 ($/€69).

Why was the opening delayed?

As many other construction projects, it was delayed due to COVID19 and a material shortage. Additionally, the bunker is home to six different species of bats. They breed during December and January, so the museum could not open during those months.

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