Two women eating dinner at Undici, a restaurant in the neighbourhood Christianshavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Best of the world 2021

We're delighted that Copenhagen features in National Geographic's international round up of the very best places to visit in the world in 2021.

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A lady running at the rooftop playground Konditaget Lüders in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Happiness Museum in Copenhagen
Forest Tower Camp Adventure near Haslev, South Zealand, Denmark
Forest Tower, Camp Adventure
The courtyard and atrium at the hotel Villa Copenhagen
A woman rides a paddleboard - SUP - in Bornholm, Denmark
Aerial view of Hesnæs on Nykøbing Falster, Denmark
Milkshakes at Reffen, Copenhagen Street Food, in Denmark
Going to the beach in Tisvilde
People sitting on the Infinete Bridge at dusk in Aarhus