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Travel trade workshop FAQs

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 A handy guide with all the things you need to know before attending a VisitDenmark travel trade workshop.


Is this workshop relevant for me?

For suppliers:

We know that for some Danish tourism suppliers this is their first (or third) travel trade workshop. This event is relevant for you if you are interested in your experience/product being featured in the programs and travel plans of tour operators and travel advisors from the UK, US, IT, FR, NL and DE.

The buyers can organise everything from larger groups to smaller groups, study tours and individual traveller’s vacation. Many of the buyers are looking ahead (2023, 2024 and onwards) and they need to make sure they are ready for the post-pandemic world. This could mean looking for smaller destinations, less crowded places and experiences that are good for smaller groups of people travelling.

By participating in the workshop, you will receive the product manual with contact info of all the buyers, and the buyers will receive the market manual with info about all the Danish tourism suppliers. These are active tools you can use to follow up with after the workshop and that you can keep for future reference.   

For buyers:

Denmark is known as a happy country with some of the most liveable cities in the world, as a fairy-tale country with castles dotted around, as the home of LEGO® and as the home of New Nordic Cuisine. But Denmark also has many wonders that are not well known abroad. Think wineries, seaside hotels, 400 islands, 7.000 km of white sandy beaches, historic towns as well as lesser known cities with some of the best restaurants in the world. Your clients can easily combine cities with rural experiences, as Denmark is a small country with short travel distances. 

What to expect and how to prepare


What should you expect at VisitDenmark's 2022 Global Virtual Workshop?

The workshop is an online event, taking place over two days: January 26th and 27th. Your schedule will be available from 9AM to 10PM, local Copenhagen time. You are not expected to be available during all this time, but it is to give you plenty of opportunity to organize the two days to suit your needs. The event includes buyers from the US East & West Coast, and therefore some meetings will have to be in the evening. Once you are registered in the system, then you can block timeslots during the days, where you do not wish to have meetings.
The meetings are 1-2-1 video meetings. Each meeting lasts 20 minutes.
The suppliers from Denmark will range from activities in the Copenhagen canals to night star gazing to horseback riding on the beach and surf camps. The buyers will be tour operator and travel advisors from the UK, US, NL, IT, FR and DE, who are interested in planning trips to Denmark in the future.

How should you prepare for the workshop (as a supplier)?

Once you sign up for the workshop, you are asked to fill in a profile. This profile is to tell the buyers how your company/experiences sets you apart from others. Mention a bit about the experiences guests will get and any interesting/new initiatives you are working on. It can also be a good idea to mention how close you are to the nearest larger city/airport, to give the buyer a sense of transport time.

Reading the profiles (as supplier and buyer): 

On January 5th you will be able to read the profiles of the participating buyers and suppliers via the “market manual” (suppliers) and the “product manual” (tour operators and travel advisors) via the workshop system. Here you can make notes of who you would like to meet. From the same day you can start requesting up to 15 meetings with buyers/suppliers and by January 16th you need to have put in your meeting requests. Then on January 17th you can see your temporary meeting schedule and keep requesting more meetings all the way up until the workshop itself. You have 15 requests in the first phase to give everyone a fair chance to request meetings. 


How to register 

To register your company, please click here.

Select 'Supplier' or 'Buyer', accept the conditions of use and continue. 
•    Proceed to filling out the forms with the required information. We kindly ask you to provide the information in English.
•    When you have completed the registration, you will automatically receive an order confirmation by email. This will be sent to your personal email address, which you have provided during registration. If you have not received such an email, your registration has probably not been registered. If necessary, check your spam filter. Or send us an email, if you still can not find it.
•    You will receive a second mail as soon as your profile has been accepted in the system, and from this point on you will have access to your profile page, where you will be able to change or amend the information provided at any time.
•    Additional participants can be added after registration. The person who has registered the profile can click “edit” in the top left and add another person via the button “add delegate”. You can add up to 3 people per company. 

What to expect in the meetings (for suppliers)

Before the meeting make sure you have tested your microphone and video as explained in the Technical Guidelines. During the meetings you can share a presentation and/or videos and images. It is best if you save any Power Points as a PDF. During the meeting you can share your screen or share an application, and by that share your material during your meeting.

Some buyers will ask for an overall intro to your product/experience, and some will have more detailed questions such as:

  • Are you open all year? How are your opening hours?
  • Do you cater for large, medium sized or small groups? (or all?)
  • Do you do special events for groups?
  • Can you host before/after hour events?
  • How many rooms do you have? (if you are an accommodation provider)
  • Are you close to any airports/how do travellers reach your place?

Some workshop terms

Market Manual: A handbook with a brief description of all registered buyers. This is made available digitally to all registered sellers on their profile page. All sellers can download this in PDF format.

Product Manual: A handbook with a short description and overview of all registered sellers. This is made available digitally to all registered buyers on their profile page. All buyers can download this in PDF format.

Agenda: This is the individual participant's meeting overview for the workshop. The form provides an overview of the individual's pre-booked appointments and any available capacity.

Frequently-asked questions

Can I use another device than my computer to conduct the meetings?
Yes, you can use a tablet or a smart phone equipped with audio and camera, BUT it is not recommended as the system works best with a computer.

Can I use any internet browser? 
Internet browsers Chrome or Firefox are required, as we have experienced some problems with Internet Explorer and Safari. 

Is there a time limit set for the meetings? 
Yes, each meeting has a duration of 20 minutes. However, the meeting won't automatically end after 20 minutes and you have to press the red button to end the call. So in theory you can talk for much longer, just make sure you do not miss your next appointment!

Request for appointments - "meeting room not available" notification
Sometime when requesting an appointment, you will get the notification "meeting room not available" on a certain time slot. 
This means that the maximum capacity of meetings at that specific time slot has been reached. 
We have quite a lot of capacity available for meetings at the same times but to make sure that the system works on the workshop day, we need to have a limit. If you get this message often, please let us know. 

My timezone is wrong in my schedule - can I change it?
Yes, you can, and it won't affect the scheduled meetings. Go to Edit Profile on the upper right corner of your page, and choose "change timezone". 

What happens if I get ill and cannot attend the meeting, or meetings? 
1) Please cancel your meeting / meetings in your agenda, and if you want you can message the one you planned a meeting with to try and reschedule a new meeting during NTW, or at a later time. 
2) If you do not  have the possibility to cancel your meetings yourself, please let the Info Desk know through "Help Request" and we will cancel your appointments for you. 

What should I do if I have some technical issues and cannot access the system on the workshop day? 
Make sure you have the emails from the participants you will meet during these days stored somewhere. Write them an email if you see that you will be late /unable to attend the meeting due to technical issues. 
Let the Info Desk know about your issue, or your IN representative by email with your contact information and we will contact you.
You have access to the emails list under Participants lists & manuals.

The meeting system worked fine when I tested it at the office but I experienced some problems when testing it at home. 
If the system worked fine one place and not at another place, then check with you IT department or a colleague who is good with IT and can help you out figuring what is preventing your computer from letting the system work as it should.
There are several things that could be the problem, for example your Anti-Virus software preventing your computer from sharing documents or pop-ups etc. 

I want to test the system with a colleague - how do I do it? 
Give your colleague access to the system by sharing your username and password, and access the same meeting at the same time from your agenda. You will then enter the same meeting room and will be able to test it out. 

I want to invite a colleague to join the same meeting as me under the workshop
1) If your colleague is registered: you can add your colleague to your meeting by clicking on the 3 dots and "add person". 
(You will not see the 3 dots if you do not have a colleague registered). 
2) If your colleague is not registered: you can share your username and password to your colleague. Your colleague will be able to login to the platform at the same time as you and access the same meeting from your Agenda. 

Where can I find the email addresses from the participants I am meeting with? 
You are a buyer: You will find them in the Product Manual under "Participants, lists and manuals". You will also find the suppliers company names with Email addresses listed in PDF. 
You are a supplier: You will find them in the Market Manual under "Participants, lists and manuals". You will also find the buyers company names with Email addresses listed in PDF. 

I am a supplier and I am not able to share any documents in the meeting system
If you are not able to share and you cannot find the reason why your computer is not allowing it, send the presentation to the buyers by email and go through the document during the meeting together. The most important is to have a good first meeting, to find out the needs of your client and you can always send out technical and detailed information by email. 

I have problems with the sound or/ camera I do not hear anything. 
We recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox. Go in on one of these links and see what is recommended to allow sound:



If this does not work for Macbooks, please go to your system preferences: 
Allow the browser to use camera and microphone: 
Go to "System preferences" / Security & Privacy / Camera
Go to "System preferences" / Security & Privacy / Microphone

How to use the video system - a guide

Click here to find an easy how-to guide.

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