Restaurant Alchemist Copenhagen

Restaurant Alchemist – gourmet food theatre Copenhagen

Photo: Alchemist Press

After spending 50,000 chef hours preparing the menus and repurposing a former shipyard production facility using 200 tons of steel, restaurant Alchemist is ready to launch what is rumoured to be the biggest culinary sensation in Copenhagen in years.

Restaurant Alchemist Copenhagen

Photo:Alchemist Press

Headed by chef Rasmus Munch, the gourmet restaurant is described an artistic/theatrical experience that invites diners to experience a 50-dish menu described as “holistic cuisine” created by 4 different kitchens, including their dedicated chocolate kitchen. A total of 30 chefs and 20 waiters will tend to 40 guests during the evening sitting.

Restaurant Alchemist Copenhagen

Photo:Claes Bech Poulsen

The total dining experience includes soundscapes, lighting and aromas curated by the restaurant creative manager, who also employs optical illusions and even sense deprivation to enhance the gastronomic experience.

Restaurant Alchemist is open from July 4th 2019.