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We'd love to tell you that all you need to know about Denmark for MICE is that we have excellent venues, top notch infrastructure, mind-blowing food (you just have to try it!), and an open-mindedness and hospitable people that will knock your socks off.

But you might need a bit more... So we made this web page to help you out. Happy browsing!


Travel to and around Denmark

Spend time on things more important than transportation. Denmark is both small and well connected, making transport an easy thing to check off the list. 

How to get around Denmark with public transport

Public transport in Denmark is easy, fast and convenient. As a small country with hundreds of islands, there are myriad interconnecting transport routes by land, sea and air.  Here's all you need to know about how to find your way around Denmark.

Entry to Denmark - all you need to know

It should be pretty straight forward. But if you are unsure, here's a bit of helpful information about Denmark's visa- and immigration rules, entry requirements and more.

Regions of Denmark

From the capital to the coasts - find your perfect spot in Denmark.

Find your venue

Know where you are meeting in Denmark? Let our venue finders get you there faster. 

Incoming tour operators: MICE and Business Events

Keen to plan an event in Denmark? Look no further. These specialist tour operators put the fun into function and the busy into business, and are experienced at handling international MICE, business events, conference, congress and incentives travel. Leisure tour operators are here .


Find your capital venue with Copenhagen's meeting planner guide.


Get an overview of meeting spaces in Denmark's second city.


Find your venue in North Jutland with VisitAalborg's list of meeting spaces.

South Denmark

Let Inspiring Denmark help you find a venue on Fyn or South Jutland.

Explore Denmark after your meeting

Make sure to combine your event with a little exploration. Find the top guides to authentic Denmark experiences here. 

9 must-sees in Copenhagen

The essential guide to Denmark's capital: All the classic things to see and do in Copenhagen!

11 cool day trips from Copenhagen

Get out of the city and explore more of our flat, but incredibly charming country on a cool day trip

22 unique things to do in Denmark

Plan an unusual holiday in Denmark with this guide of unique things to do.

8 traditional Danish dishes that you shouldn't miss!

Danish food 101: Get to know the Denmark's mouth-watering classics such as smørrebrød and hot dogs.

Congress in Denmark

Get in touch with the right people in the right areas.

Congress in Denmark

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Keep exploring MICE in Denmark.

Latest news

Get the scoop on the latest MICE news from Denmark.

Contact the business events team

Get in touch with us - or find the convention bureau you need to for a perfect next event.

Denmark basics for event planners

First time planning in Denmark? Here is the need-to-know on MICE in Denmark.