Finding Hygge in 24 days

Finding Hygge in 24 days - Christmas Calendar

Photo: VisitDenmark

VisitDenmark, SAS, 12 Stars Media, Reuters and 50 prize partners joined forces in a value-creating campaign reaching 188 countries while creating 137 mill. views and a PR/press value of DKK 295 mill.

In December 2017, VisitDenmark, Scandinavian Airlines and 50 prize partners throughout Denmark launched the international Christmas calendar “Finding Hygge in 24 days”. Every day from December 1 to December 24, we gave the hygge-hungry people from all over the world the opportunity to open the “låge” (Danish for “door”) of the day and get a unique insight into Danish “hygge”.

In collaboration with the documentary “FindingHygge”, we produced 24 small films that – day by day – set the direction for a story about how we do “hygge” in Denmark. The films were backed up by the hygge tip of the day and the opportunity to win 2 flight tickets with SAS, 3 days accommodation and a unique experience in Denmark.


Finding Hygge

Photo: SAS

It takes something very special to break through the media noise – especially at Christmas time, when everyone wants to communicate and sell. This is exactly why the message of Danish hygge, which gets you relaxed and closer to the people you love, is a perfect communication tool.

But hygge is very difficult to explain. In reality, it has to be experienced. That’s why we made a Christmas calendar, where the participants had the chance to win a unique trip to Denmark every day. We “sold” the activity to the international press as the world’s best Christmas calendar, and with an achieved press value of DKK 295 mill., the campaign created results that greatly exceeded our expectations.

About the campaign

Campaign period: December 2017

Target group: Coast & Nature tourist and City breakers

Markets: Globally, incl. all of VisitDenmark's prioritized markets

Partners: Scandinavian Airlines, 12 Stars Media, Reuters and 50 tourism partners from all of Denmark




137 mill.

Daily contestants:



Contestants from:


188 countries

PR Ad-value:


DKK 295 mill.

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