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Be charmed by Copenhagen

Circle Bridge Copenhagen

Get to know Copenhagen like the palm of your hand

Come and be charmed by Copenhagen, Northern Europe’s cosiest capital, packed with cafés, shops, and the best restaurants in Scandinavia.

9 must-sees in Copenhagen

All capitals have their classic sights - the things you just have to see and do - and Copenhagen is no different . We will guide you to some of Copenhagen's most iconic attractions and experiences, from Nyhavn to Tivoli, Strøget and Amalienborg, so you can tick them off on your list.

How to spend a week in Copenhagen

A long weekend just isn’t long enough. Here’s how the locals recommend spending a week in Denmark’s capital.

Copenhagen neighbourhoods you should explore

Photo: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

What to do in Copenhagen

Whether it's your first visit or one of many, here are some things to do when you're in Copenhagen. Discover places the locals love, beautiful parks, and more of Copenhagen's top spots.

7 floating experiences you ought to try in Copenhagen

Try these unusual experiences that are literally floating around in our capital's clean harbour.

Copenhagen's best hidden gems

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone else about these hidden gems in Copenhagen!

Things to do in Copenhagen on a rainy day

We hate to break it to you, but it does rain in Copenhagen sometimes. However, we got you covered!

Eat with the locals

Head to Reffen Street Food and have your taste buds tickled by the scrumptious food and drinks!

The world-famous Tivoli Gardens

Spend a fun-filled day in Copenhagen's iconic fairground!

The Little Mermaid

See the statue made famous by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale.

Walk through Christiania

Visit the famous and controversial freetown of Christiania in the heart of Copenhagen.

Explore Copenhagen on two wheels

Copenhagen is one of the world's best cycle cities. So, go with the flow and explore the city by bike, Copenhagen-style. It's not only healthy, it's also eco-friendly and fun!

8 reasons why you'll love biking in Copenhagen

Need a little push to get started? Don't worry we'll help you!

Did you know that Copenhageners cycle the equivalent to 35 times around the world every day?

10 ways to act sustainably while you're here

10 concrete eco-friendly ideas for getting the most out of Copenhagen and looking after it at the same time!

Go on a cool day trip from Copenhagen

Photo: Malthe Zimakoff - Copenhagen Media Center

Let the locals guide you to their favourite spots

Why is Copenhagen the best city to visit?

The food scene

Learn why Copenhagen is so renowned for its food scene, from New Nordic to Danish classics.

Danish design & architecture

From Danish furniture to iconic buildings, Denmark continues to produce renowned design wonders.

The winter season

Winter in Denmark is peak hygge season: a time for Christmas cheer and great company.

The Danish lifestyle

Careful! Our happy and green state of mind might rub off on you!

Practical information

How to get around Copenhagen

Find out how to get to Copenhagen from the airport and make the most of Denmark's public transport.

Find more things to do in our capital

Head to VisitCopenhagen's website and find even more inspiration and guides that peak your interests

Entry to Denmark

All the nice-to-knows about Denmark's visas and immigration rules to ease your entry!