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Events 2021 - April through June

Hot happenings in Denmark - here are all of the things you should experience

Vikings at Ribe Vikingecenter

International Viking Market

Dates: 30.04.2021-02.05.2021. During the last week of April, more than 500 Vikings from all over Europe flock to Ribe VikingeCenter. The market atmosphere is authentic and intensive just like it would have been in Ribe 1300 years ago. You will be able to experience, how the Vikings lived and worked, and at the market place includes many exciting stalls, where a good trade can be done. Place: Ribe.

Denmark's oldest town Ribe

Tulip Festival

Dates: 21.05.2021 - 24.05.2021. The Tulip Festival in Ribe is a traditional Spring fair with parades, music, beer tents and amusement rides. The Tulip parade takes place on the last day of the festival, and this year’s theme for the tulip parade is Disney.

Arcade Fire at NorthSide Music Festival in Aarhus

Northside Festival

Dates: 03.06.2021-05.06.2021. The Northside music festival in Central Jutland offers a wide array of Danish and International artists. Over the years, the festival has presented a lineup including for instance Arcade Fire, Nick Cave, Robyn, Lana Del Ray, Beck, and Arctic Monkeys. The Northside festival has quickly been recognised as an innovative festival which focuses on sustainability too. Place: Aarhus.

Tinderbox festival in Odense, Fyn

Tinderbox Festival

Dates: 24.06.2021-26.06.2021.In June 2015, Odense laid the grounds for Tinderbox, a new music festival in Denmark. Now they are ready to repeat the success in the beautiful Tusindårsskoven in Odense.