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The wild and wonder-filled north of Denmark

Photo:Simone Bramante - Jessen

Where is North Jutland?

Reaching up into the sea towards the rest of Scandinavia, North Jutland is distinctly wild and remote. FUN FACT! The region is surprisingly an island, separated from mainland Denmark by the picturesque Limfjord. You should plan a tour here! Either by campervan, bike or car… depending on your energy levels.

How to move a lighthouse... on roller skates!

Meet Kjeld, an ordinary Dane from the rugged North of Denmark with an extraordinary job to do. In 2019 the local bricklayer was given the mighty job of moving one of Denmark's biggest wonders; the lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude.

Rubjerg Knude

The Lighthouse Mover

Photo: ELS Productions

Why you should head to Denmark's wild North

We've gathered the biggest attractions and the most unique sights in this dynamic region to entice you here!

Where the Danes holiday

We love Skagen! Slow sunsets over creamy yellow cottages. A light that’s inspired artists throughout the centuries. And most uniquely of all, the seaside town of Skagen is one of the only places in the world where you can physically see two seas collide.

Skagens Museum Anchers Hus

Savour the sunset over Skagen

Photo: Skagens Kunstmuseer

How to get to North Jutland and around the region

Aalborg’s international airport is only 6km from the city centre. You can fly here in just 40 mins from Copenhagen or take the scenic train route from Copenhagen which takes just over 4 hours. You can explore North Jutland by bus or hire a car or camper for complete freedom!

Aalborg Airport
Aalborg Airport
It's easy to get around Copenhagen with the driver-less metro
How to get around Denmark with public transport

Try this useful Journey Planner for suggestions on the best way of getting from A to B in Denmark. You can also use it to book tickets for trains and buses.

You can always park and sleep in your campervan and motorhome in official campsites in Denmark. There are also rest stops around the country, including public car parks, where you can pull up, refresh, refill water, sleep overnight and use the services, provided you don't make a camp. If this is not allowed at specific car parks, you will see signs stating this.

Denmark is a great place to drive. It's relatively safe and distances between sights and cities are short. If you follow the Danish rules of the road and take care when driving in Denmark, you can enjoy a truly tailor-made holiday. You'll get the chance to venture out into Denmark's best countryside, visit Denmark's attractions around the country and really get a feel for Denmark and Danish living. 

If you’re arriving at Copenhagen Airport, you’ll be able to rent a car from there and get on with your journey around Denmark.

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