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Boy walking on a windy sand dune in Klitmoeller, Thy National Park

West Denmark

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It's wild out west

Here in West Denmark, the waves are high and the winds are brisk, and our treasured places lie buried in the dunes. If your clients think they've seen Europe and know what to expect, they haven't been here. 

While it may be a little off the tourist map, the good news is that it's easy to reach with flight links from the US via Amsterdam.

Where is West Denmark?

West Denmark is the mainland of Denmark, from the tip of the country to the border with Germany, and includes Aarhus, Aalborg and Billund.

Getting there and around

Fly to Aalborg or Billund airport via Amsterdam, and hire a car. It's as simple as that! West Denmark is around 250 miles from top to bottom, and a self-drive touring itinerary offers space and freedom.

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