A fisherman in North Denmark

The foodie wonders of West Denmark

Photo: Richard Clark

Want to know more about the local food and dining options to expect in West Denmark? Pull up a chair for a taster of what's on offer...


Fresh fish at Skagen Harbor

In the far north of Denmark, Skagen is a postcard-perfect town with a harbor, a brewery and plenty of places to find the catch of the day. Fresh fish comes in daily to the harbor and you can buy it straight from the boat, or eat it in one of the town's high quality fish restaurants.

Photo: © Utzon Center (2008) – Jørn Utzon & Kim Utzon. Photographer: Rasmus Hjortshøj

New Nordic cuisine in Aalborg

Denmark is home to the New Nordic movement, where the focus is on local and seasonal food. There are plenty of places to try it in West Denmark, including Aarhus' Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as Restaurant Textur, Det Glade Vanvid, Mortens Kro and many more in Aalborg.


Fine dining at Svinkløv Badehotel

Svinkløv Badehotel is one of Denmark's most renowned foodie destinations. The seaside hotel is home to Kenneth Hansen, winner of the Bocuse d’Or in 2019, and it's a charming spot to drop into for coffee and cake, or lunch, as you tour the west coast.

Photo: Richard Clark

Foraging at Thy National Park

In Thy National Park, foodie options include fishing tours from the town of Stenbjerg, foraging tours in the dunes, where you can find mushrooms and berries dependent on season, and visits to local shops and restaurants. Tip! Contact Thy National Park, Naturmad Thy or Øbo Tours to arrange guided tours with a focus on gastronomy in the National Park.

Whisky tasting at Stauning Whisky
Photo: Stauning Whisky

A dram of Danish whisky

Denmark's spirits scene is on the up. A trip to Stauning Whisky, Denmark's largest distillery, offers a glimpse of how it all happened, charting the brand's story from a disused butchers shop to an architect-designed building full of gleaming copper stills. 

An girl eats a fresh oyster at the Wadden Sea National Park in Denmark
Photo: © Red Star - Nationalpark Vadehavet

Oysters on the sand

Oysters are available for free in Denmark - you just have to dig them up in the sand! At the Wadden Sea Center, you can join oyster safari tours, seek the delicacies in the sand and eat them topped with lemon, onions or even strawberries at the end.

Fastelavnsboller, a special type of cake from Denmark
Photo: Richard Clark

All the cake you can eat

We can't talk about the delicacies of West Denmark without mentioning cake. There's a tradition in the south of the area of creating cake tables piled high with 21 different types of cake. You can book a 'cake table' experience at Gram Castle - just remember to take it slow!


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