Always colorful and endlessly controversial, Christiania is a unique place to visit. More than a city district, Christiania is a way of life, that started as an idealistic social experiment and has survived an adapted to remain a part of Copenhagen today.


Christiania: Copenhagen's colorful freetown

In 1971 an abandoned military area in the Christianshavn district of the city was taken over by squatters. They claimed the area of Christianshavn as a freetown, free of taxes and run by their own laws. New settlers poured in to this alternative area and the social experiment of a few free thinkers became a permanent feature of the city. Christiania survives and adapts and it is still a vibrant alternative hub in the city, with around 1,000 people permanently living in the area. 

Christiania bike

Christiania bikes

Christiania has influenced Danish culture in a number of ways. One particularly common sight around Denmark's capital comes from Christiania; the Christiania bike. Christiania was established as a car-free zone, so its inhabitants came up with another way to travel and transport goods and family members. The famous cargo bike that resulted was so popular, that the company expanded and moved from Christiania. Why not hire one on your next visit?

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Getting to Christiania

Christiania is a short walk from the Christianshavn metro station. You can also cycle here across the harbour's new cycling bridges. There is also a water taxi stop nearby.