Nimb Copenhagen

Where to stay when you're in Denmark

The many different ways to get away from it all

Are you coming with people you love or looking to escape them completely? (Both are fine, of course.) To ultimately get away from it all, try wild camping. Want to hygge with the whole family? A Danish holiday cottage might be for you. For everything else in between, here are more ideas...

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Popular places to stay in Denmark

Search our full listings of hotels, bed & breakfasts and hostels right here. You can filter your search to get the right part of Denmark for you and hopefully end up with just the right type of accommodation!

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A wild night's sleep

The sound of the wild all around you. Nothing but sky above. And no toilet within running distance. Ah yes, camping out in the Danish nature is wonderful. As well as wild camping spots around the country, there are of course many beautiful campsites. Where the toilet is but a mere sleepy shuffle away.

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