Experience the best of Copenhagen such as its vibrant food scene

These are Denmark's best places to go!

Why picking a place to go on holiday is hard

Apparently human beings get a bit stressed out if they’re presented with too many choices. 12 options is the sweet spot. So while we have a great many wonder-filled places to go, to help ease you along to a happy and stress-free choice, here are just 12 suggestions from us. (You’re welcome!)

Pretty little places of calm and tranquility

For all of you who love disconnecting from the hectic pace of modern life, these cute, old-worldy towns and villages can be your sanctuary.

Unexpected natural highlights with a sense of wonder

We might have mentioned that we don't have any mountains. We don't need them. We've got natural wonders you just won't see anywhere else in Scandinavia.

Where are Denmark's best places to go?

We've got a map! You can click on an area of Denmark that looks interesting, and we'll take you to the highlights from that region. Or you can scroll on, to pick and choose from our best destinations below.


We thought it would be a good idea to start with somewhere you'd actually heard of. And what you've probably heard about Copenhagen is that it is an incredible place to be in. (It is.)

How can a capital city be this... cool?

Photo: Viggo Lundberg, Copenhagen Media Centre

A taste of the laid-back island life

You might not know this about Denmark, but we are an island destination. Our capital, Copenhagen, is on an island. So is the home of Hans Christian Andersen. In fact, we have 444 islands and quite a lot of them have no-one on at all. Now doesn’t that sound relaxing?

The Big One: Fyn

Pretty villages, castles and Hans Christian Andersen’s home. Fyn is where we Danes love to escape to.

The Little One: Bornholm

Bornholm is so hot right now! An island of fishing villages and beautiful beaches. Get here quick.

The Tiny One: Ærø

Ærø is so cute! A place to relax, as long as you're not asked to pronounce its name to get there.

Aarhus and around

Forget all those other European cities you’ve heard about. There are way too many people there. Aarhus has fewer crowds, but just as many big-hitting sights and attractions. Plus beaches, forests, festivals… It’s a wonder more people haven’t heard of it. (Hey, we’re doing our best.)

Why you should get to know Aarhus as soon as you can!

Home of one of Scandinavia's biggest cultural festivals (Aarhus Festival) and many iconic sights, Aarhus is making a name for itself!

The national parks, beaches and attractions near Aarhus

You can cycle out of Aarhus and along pristine beaches, through twisted forests and past royal castles. (Just remember which way you went, so you can get back again.)

The wild and wonder-filled North of Denmark

This sand-swept region of wide open nature is like a treasure trove of unusual wonders. Buried churches? Strange mini-deserts? Cold Hawaii? (Yes, it's like real Hawaii just better because it's quite cold and that's good for you.) You'll find all of those here!

This place will blow you away... (It's windy here. And amazing.)

Photo: Simone Bramante - @brahmino.com

Three popular places you shouldn't miss

What kind of destination are you looking for? If it's a pretty seaside with famous castles near a capital, then explore Zealand. For more dramatic nature and unusual historical sights, head to Jutland's West Coast. If it's the footsteps of famous Danes you're hoping to follow, Odense is for you!

Zealand and the Danish Riviera

The island of Zealand is where Copenhageners go to relax, explore their own history and nature.

The West Coast & beyond

Our North Sea coast on Denmark's mainland (Jutland) has a fascinating mix of historical wonders.

The Home of Hans Christian Andersen

Odense is just 1.5 hours from Copenhagen and it's the place to live out your fairy tales!