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Experience the magic and the marvellous Christmas atmosphere in “Magic Christmas”, which, for the second year in succession , takes place in the Community Centre and Sculpture Park “”Kulturhuset & Skulpturparken Blokhus”. This year, as something quite new, there will be a spectacular Christmas light- and sound show.

The season 2018
Just like last year, the Sculpture Park has been Christmas decorated using all the tricks of Christmas with impressive decorations - only this year with even more to look at. The whole park is illuminated by more than a hundred thousand Christmas lights in fantastic colours and shapes - i.a. an illuminated Christmas avenue, a gigantic 17 metres high Christmas tree, Christmas sleighs, reindeer, golden coaches, Fathers Christmas, twinkling Christmas tree stars, enormous glass globes, lovely red Christmas tree hearts and a lot more.  The gigantic sand sculptures, which decorate the park with the theme “The Heroes of all Time”, are illuminated with coloured Christmas lights, which change colours, and the other exceptional works of art and sculptures in the park are spectacularly combined with the unique Christmas decorations. The large Sculpture Park covering more than 20,000 square metres simply exudes a genuine Christmas atmosphere to the highest degree.

A marvellous Christmas experience for the whole family
The spectacular light- and sound show in the Sculpture Park is composed of a 46 metres long and more than 4 metres high tunnel, where every quarter of an hour you can experience a 3 minutes’  spectacular  light- and sound show accompanied by music combined with all the other large lightings all over the park. It is absolutely the most marvellous show in Northern Europe. There is nothing like this in Denmark.  50 mega watt lamps illuminate  the trees in the wood facing the west, and you will find loudspeakers all over the park and in the booth, so that you can listen to soft Christmas music all day long. Furthermore, there will be illuminated Fathers Christmas, penguins, swans, teddy bears, polar bears, Disney figures, lights, stars, globes, Christmas trees, decorations and a lot more.

Magic Christmas market
You cannot help being in high Christmas spirits, when you walk around among the decorated, heated Christmas booths with all that a Christmas heart could desire. Here shopkeepers offer you anything from unique Christmas decorations, pixies, applied art and Christmas presents to local specialities, sausages, mulled wine, small cakes of batter, not to forget the smell of Christmas.

Cafe and Restaurant
In the Sculpture Park  you may also enjoy Christmas delicacies like a traditional Christmas  dish with a mug of Christmas beer and a glass of snaps, as well as coffee, cakes and many tempting dishes and delicacies in the Cafe, the Restaurant & Orangery in the Community Centre.

Factual information
The Magic Christmas, the Cafe & Restaurant in the Sculpture Park as well as the Artshop in the Community Centre are open all days of the week from 11.00- 09.p.m from Thursday, the 1st November up to and including the month of December.


Vesterhavsvej 6

9492 Blokhus



90 DKK - 100 DKK

Barn (3-12 år)

45 DKK - 50 DKK

Voksne - Sæsonkort 2019

230 DKK - 230 DKK

Barn (3-12 år) - Sæsonkort 2019

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Pensionist (fra 65 år)

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