Denmark's oldest town Ribe

Feel history unfold at Jutland’s West Coast

How to get to Denmark’s mainland

Jutland has a few international airports and you can fly direct to Billund, Aarhus and Aalborg airports from a number of countries around the world. The drive or train journey from Copenhagen takes you across the islands of Zealand and Fyn and will take you a few hours, depending on where you’re heading on the mainland.

The West Coast & beyond

Are you looking for a beach holiday destination where you can do more than just lie around while sand gathers in your… sandwiches? Then come explore Denmark’s West Coast and the south of Jutland!

12 cultural highlights you shouldn't miss!

Photo: Adam Mørk

Jutland's UNESCO World Heritage Sites

If you're a bucket list kind of traveller, you'll be pleased to know you could tick three UNESCO World Heritage Sites off your list on a trip around the south and west coast of Jutland!

The Wadden Sea National Park

Go on an oyster safari on the wide beaches of Jutland’s Wadden Sea National Park, or behold the spectacle of the Black Sun murmurations.

The Viking rune stones at Jelling

Get up close to real actual Viking rune stones! The Jelling rune stones are more than a thousand years old and Europe’s finest Viking age monument.

The unique town of Christiansfeld

Experience town planning... from 1773! An added bonus for when you're here: Europe’s best preserved Moravian city is famed for its delicious honey cakes.

Denmark’s oldest town looks pretty good for its age (1300 years old!)

Photo: Kim Wyon

Attractions that will rekindle your love of play

The south of Jutland and the West Coast are full of attractions for the young at heart, including LEGOLAND® Billund Resort and the spectacular kite festivals of Rømø and Fanø.

The historical home of the brick!

Follow your own play pilgrimage to the stunning LEGO® House and original LEGOLAND® in Billund.

The International Kite Festival

Head to the holiday islands of Rømø and Fanø where the beaches are wide open and the skies filled with magic!

Get your camera ready

Get a feel for the flow of life in this laid-back part of Denmark through the lenses of people who've been there. And just maybe you'll feel like snapping it for yourself!