Åmose Nature Camp

An idyllic place to sleep in nature.

Sleep outside, surrounded by the touch, sounds and odours of nature. Åmose Nature Camp has places, where you can set up your tent, 3 shelters and tables, benches, water, electricity, a fireplace, toilet, bicycle pump and outdoor kitchen facilities. 

The shelters are in a clearing in the middle of a forest and close to the bicycle route "Jyderupstien". The forest is full of flowers, mushrooms and different animals. On the campsite, you can prepare food by the fireplace and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 

A great experience for anyone, who loves nature, walking and cycling.  

Horse riding in the Nature Park "Åmosen"

You are welcome to bring your horse to the campsite. There are small riding grounds at the campsite and lots of good places for horse riding in the forest. Your horse can also get in the fold for DKK 35 per day. 

It is also possible to borrow a horse and come along on horse riding trips in the forest. 

Prices at Åmose Nature Camp

  • Buy dry wood for DKK 50.- 
  • Get your horse in the fold for DKK 35.-
  • Book up to 18 places in the shelters for DKK 25 per day per person (both for people with their own tent and for those using the shelters). 
  • Other: It is possible to buy coffee etc. at the campsite.