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Zoological gardens

Odense ZOO

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It's totally wild 
Europe's best zoo offers unique and adventurous moments for the whole family. Fill your day with great impressions, knowledge, play and learning. Look, listen and learn about when the animals are fed and exercised - and let the kids explore the many play areas, while you enjoy some delicious food or a good cup of coffee.

Wild animals from around the world
Discover fascinating lions and Siberian tigers. See chimpanzees swing in the trees and follow the giraffes and zebras walking on the Savannah. Let tropical rain falls lead you to South America and meet the tapirs and giant manatees. Finish the adventure accompanied by the penguins' call sounds in the Antarctic cold.

Close enough to touch
Revel in the big brown eyes and feel the hot muzzle against your hand when you feed the giraffe. During the summer holidays you can also get close to the tapir - or visit lemur island and experience the lively lemurs up close, while helping to feed them.

Odense ZOO is open 365 days a year and the exhibitions vary according to season and holidays to give you the best possible experience.


Odense ZOO

5000 Odense C


Zoological garden

Activities for children

Saint Hannes Cross

Tables / benches

News stand


Packed lunch permitted

Meeting facilities

petting zoo

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