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Turkish Bath by the fjord

Experience a unique bathing environment that combines the Viking culture and the oriental culture.

The Turkish Bath in Holbæk is beautifully located by the southern part of the Danish fjord Isefjord, Holbæk Fjord, and just one hour by train from Copenhagen.  

The Turkish Bath is all about wellness and feeling good about yourself. It is a unique combination of the Viking culture and the oriental bathing culture. The concept is that opposites create well-being. Therefore, guests will experience the contrasts between cold and warm, the Viking culture and the oriental culture, and the indoor and the outdoor. 

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Here you can relax and enjoy the views in tranquil surroundings. 

The Hamam is a social space and, therefore, the room is for everyone, both those who purchase a treatment and those who prefer self-treatment. In here everyone will speak with soft voices, so it is is calming and relaxing to be there. 

You can also receive treatments in an external massage room, which is completely undisturbed. This is where the wellness message takes place. 

People travel far to experience this unique bathing environment, which is a truly unique experience and a journey into the Turkish bathing culture.


Spa holiday

In Turkish Bath you can also book one of the very popular spa holiday, including accommodation and dining at the charming Hotel Sidesporet, which is 800 meters from the Turkish Bath, in the center of the city Holbæk.


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