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Fjordens Dag ved Randers Fjord

The Fjord Day, Fjordens Dag, is an event at Denmark's second largest nature park near Randers. Here you can experience Randers Fjord Nature Park both on land and at sea along a coastline of approximately 70 kilometres. Enjoy many memorable experiences for the whole family, including markets, café cosiness and exciting sailing activities.

Markets, cosy cafés and great sailing

The Fjord Day offers a wide range of activities, including markets, cosy cafés and various sailing opportunities. You can participate in nine different events in Randers Fjord Nature Park, with the largest events at Udbyhøj Marina and Mellerup Færgested. On the Djursland side, you can visit the Coast and Fjord Centre and Kare Village, which has put together a cosy tractor stop.

Visit also the smal tourist attractions along the fjord for fun activities and take advantage of the ferries across the fjord for easy access to all the events.

Free crossing

On the day of the event, Randers Fjord Færgefart offers free sailing most of the day on both ferries. The full programme can be found on the nature park's website www.naturparkrandersfjord.dk.

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