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Nordic Race - Copenhagen Beach

Their slogan says it all. You’ve just got to ”EMBRACE THE PAIN” when Nordic Race puts your mental and physical strength to a test.

Different locations with each their own course makes Nordic Race the most hardcore series of OCR events in the north. For those that aren’t familiar with the sport, OCR is short for Obstacle Course Racing – and these guys don’t take obstacles lightly.

Tire run, cliffhanger, barbed wire, monkey bars and hurdles are just some of the things you can meet on your way through the course. 

Since 2012, the races have challenged more than 25.000 runners, and over 30 different kinds of obstacles have been conquered on the way.

The race taking place in Amager Beach Park (Strandparken) is a 5+ race in open terrain. It's a good course for first-timers, but with that said, experienced runners can expect to be challenged as well.


Take part from the sideline

If you’re not quite ready to hit the track yourself, you’ll surely get a kick out of watching the participants as well.

Nordic Race is open for friends, fans and spectators that want to feel the intense atmosphere and cheer on the brave runners.

Red Bull pulls off DJ sets for all the events, and there will be competitions for onlookers to test their abilities too. There'll be food and drinks for sale at the venue, but it's a good idea to bring some cash.


If you’re interested in participating, you can sign up at Nordic Race’s website. And don’t be too scared by the skull logo.