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Onsevig Museet

Onsevig Museum, the former net house by Onsevig Harbour, shows through pictures and objects the history of the little fishing village. You have the possibility to read about the development of the harbour, i. e. from being a shipping bridge to an active fishing harbour until today, where it has become a spare-time harbour of the present.During the summer the museum is open every day. During the winter it is open according to agreement.Admission is free.In the museum you’ll find 12 plates, which are divided according to subjects. The following subjects are showing the history:
  • The harbour
  • The drying ground
  • The life in the fishing village
  • The fishing flotilla
  • The catch
  • The storm surge
  • The yacht club
  • The inn
  • The off-shore wind-mills
 By the net house you’ll also find the newly restored bark pot – a monument to the time before the nylon net.The museum shows the past, the harbour the present and on the other side of the museum, you’ll find Onsevig Klimapark – a monument to the future