Valdemars Castle is located on the island of Tåsinge in Denmark

Castles & culture on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Wherever you are in Denmark, you're never more than a stone's throw from a castle or cultural centre (we don't recommend that you throw a stone to find out however - some of these places are very precious).

One of the best things about the N8 Baltic Sea Cycle Route is that you can use it as a way to discover Denmark's rich history and culture. From modern art galleries showcasing the best of post-1950s design and art, to churches and cathedrals dating back to medieval time, this route is more than a bike path, it's a thread connecting our rich cultural life in Denmark, from the past to the present. While these are by no means the only cultural treats waiting for you along the route, they are our highlights of the journey. 

Just keep cycling...

Cycling the Baltic Sea Cycle Route: 820km of hygge on two wheels
Two people sat with their bikes next to the sea
Nature highlights on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route
Kirche in idyllischer Natur in Südjütland, Dänemark
Unique local towns along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route
Luftaufnahme der Stadt Svenborg im Süden von Fünen, Dänemark
Practical information about the Baltic Sea Cycle Route
Mann mit gepacktem Fahrrad vor einem Haus auf dem Dänischen Ostseeradweg in Südjütland