Man standing with packed bike in Haderslev, South Jutland, on N8 route

Practical information about the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

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Frequently asked questions about the Baltic Sea Cycle Route.

Where to rent a bike in Denmark

Whether you're flying into Copenhagen and starting the N8 from the city, or plan to begin the trip from a different location, there are a lot of places where you can hire a bike for your trip.

Bed + Bike accommodation

This specialist list of bike-friendly places to stay along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route includes campsites, apartments, hotels and more, all organised by destination.

Bike Friends

Bike Friends is a network of cyclist-friendly individuals and organisations who help to cyclists along the routes, offering bike pumps, somewhere to fill a water bottle, toilets and more.

Transport options

Public transport

You can take a bus or train to wherever you decide to start your cycle on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route. 

Taking a bike on trains and buses

There are many bus stops and train stations along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route. Use or its app to see which ones fit your choice of route. You can also see which departing trains allow you to take your bike. You have to remember to book a space for your bike on the Intercity trains between 1st May and 31st August. All regional buses, X-buses and intercity buses/Flixbus allow bikes, although there may be limitations due to lack of space or rush hour travel. Make sure you check with the individual bus companies or locally on each stage of the journey.

Taking a bike across the Storebælt by train

When you take a bike on a train across the Storebælt (stage 9), you must buy your ticket AND a ticket for your bike between 1st May and 31st August (inclusive). You can book your tickets by contacting DSB Customer Service on +45 70 13 14 15. Your bike ticket can then be picked up from one of the ticket machines at the station. You can also buy the tickets in DSB Salg and Service, as well as in the 7- Elevens at the station. It is not possible to buy a bike ticket from the ticket machine unless you have pre-ordered it. From 1st September to 30th April you do not have to have a separate ticket for your bike.

Taking a bike on a ferry

There are four ferry connections on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route and many smaller ferry journeys you can take along the way. There are also the additional Øhop (Island Hopping) connections if you want to venture off the main route. Find more information on ferry connections for each stage of the journey and don’t forget to use the ferry companies’ websites or customer services if you need further information.

Arriving and departing by car

If you arrive by car at the start of your bike ride, there are several long-term parking options. In the downloadable guide, you will find places to park at each stage of the journey. Alternatively, you can seek advice on parking by speaking to the hotel reception or owner of your lodging.

Package tours

You can book Package Tours for 3 to 7 days on the western side of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route that include overnight stays and luggage transport. See more on

Information and route planning

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