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Our main courses include sustainable dining, locally-produced food and island delicacies.

festival gastronomici in Danimarca, Reffen
Photo: Boyan Ortse / Copenhagen Media Center

Growing mushrooms from coffee? Why not?

City bees, mushrooms grown in unlikely places and even insects on your plate, yes, Denmark's got an innovative approach when it comes to sustainable dining. 

Saisonale Produkte an einem Straßenstand auf der Insel Langeland im dänischen Fünen
Photo: Daniel Villadsen - Destination Fyn

Street food in the countryside? Why not?

Our farm shops and roadside food stands mean that wherever you are in Denmark, there is fresh, organic, locally-grown produce just waiting for you. 


Using the sea as a supermarket? Why not?

From high grade salt to fantastic potatoes, langoustines and cherry wine, Denmark's islands are the place to go for a taste of something delicious. 


To finish

Warning: you will want to save room for desserts and cheese - they're pretty special.


The Vikings' favourite cheese? Why not?

You might not know that Denmark makes terrific cheese (but now you do). Some of it dates back over a thousand years, but most of it is aged the usual way...


More cakes than you can count? Why not?

There is a tradition in South Jutland to lay a coffee table with 21 cakes and biscuits and then try them all. Are you up for the challenge?


Treat yourself to another helping

There is no need to pack any food in your suitcase - you won't go hungry here!

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