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Comfort food from Scandinavia

Traditional Danish food - we're not talking about New Nordic foams and experimental ideas here - has a reputation for being hearty. In times like these, we find joy in potatoes and energy to keep going in our low GI rye bread loaves.

Got a sweet tooth? Try these

Sweet things are not in short supply in Denmark (our cities have a sweet shop on practically every corner) but these are something special and pretty easy to make at home too.

Test your cooking skills with Adam Aamann

Adam Aamann is a well-known Danish chef who runs multiple restaurants ("Aamanns") in Copenhagen. The restaurants are particularly known for producing mouthwatering smørrebrød, our famous open-faced sandwiches. He'll guide you and give you some tips on some of his most popular dishes.

Danish chef Adam Aamann

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Adam Aamann outdoor kitchen

Homemade mayonnaise

Adam Aamann smørrebrød with tatar

Open-faced sandwich with tartare

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