Headphones and coffee on a cafe

Denmark in your ears

Photo: @nonsolofood

Give your tired eyes a rest and let your ears take the strain. These podcasts tell stories about Denmark and Danish life and are well worth listening to. All of these chosen podcasts are in English, most with a beautiful Nordic lilt to them too to charm your ears.

This excellent arts, culture and lifestyle podcast about Denmark is anchored by journalist James Clasper and gets to the heart of Danish living fast, with indepth and clever episodes handling topics from the positive thinking movement to Copenhagen’s food scene and art and porn, with the aid of some clever and in-touch interviewees.
Designmuseum Denmark
Get the full story of Danish design, right from the horse’s mouth. That’s everything from the designers to know (including Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen and Arne Jacobsen ) to why Danish chairs are so special. Hope you’re sitting comfortably…
The Danish Architecture Center
The Danish Architecture Center’s outstanding podcasts talk about architecture (of course) with input from world-leading architects on the subjects of architecture on Mars, finishing the Sagrada Familia, and time as a resource. It’s illuminating stuff, brought to you in bite-sized 15 to 20-minute chunks.
Sofie Hagen
A bit of light relief from Denmark via London. Danish comedian Sofie Hagen is behind a lot of podcasts in English, including Secret Dinosaur Cult and Made of Human. She’s easy going and down to earth, and gets to the heart of an emotional issue pretty quickly.
TED Radio Hour
Özlem Cekic , a Muslim immigrant to Denmark, was elected to the Danish parliament and began receiving hate mail. To counter it, she did the unexpected: she met her harrassers face to face. Here, she tells her story about how kindness overcame hate. (Oh and as a former nurse, she's signed up to help fellow health professionals during these difficult times. How cool is she?)
How to live in Denmark
Kay Xander Mellish’s podcast is aimed at newcomers to Denmark and is especially good at capturing the little details that make life in Denmark different.
The BBC is an endless source of excellent radio documentaries about life around the world, including Denmark. Try these two for a start.