Design guide to Kolding

Kolding is all about design. The city is home to the one of Denmark’s leading design museums, and one of the nation’s top design colleges. Now, Kolding also becomes one of only two Scandinavian cities on the UNESCO Creative Cities list – a network of 180 cities worldwide each with their own design strategy.

Design attractions:

In 2018, Koldinghus celebrates its 750th anniversary. Perched on a hilltop above the city, the once royal castle is today a contemporary exhibition centre. During the anniversary year, a major exhibition of the “Jewellery of Power” will highlight the significance of jewellery as symbols of power throughout the ages. Other events at the castle include illumination shows. Website

Trapholt Museum of Modern Art and Design
Enjoying a leafy hillside location just outside town, the Trapholt Museum includes a highlight Danish Modern collection with designs by many of the great Danish names of classic mid-century furniture and houseware. Website

Located in the Kolding Municipality, the almost 250-year-old town of Christiansfeld enjoys UNESCO World Heritage patronage. The town is designed to a Renaissance masterplan and according to the egalitarian ideals and stark aesthetics of the founders, the Monrovian Church. Website

CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark
Located just 25km from Kolding by the town of Middelfart, CLAY is one of Scandinavia’s largest museums dedicated to porcelain and ceramic. A new wing of the museum, designed by Kjaer & Richter, cuts into the cliff-side and woodlands by the sea. Website

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