Eat your way through Denmark

Austernsafari im dänischen Wattenmeer

World-Class Cuisine in a Bite-Sized Country

Denmark has led the way in Scandinavian gourmet cuisine for over a decade so what better place than here to dive in face-first and experience delicious and elegant New Nordic cuisine?

Denmark's 24 Michelin-starred restaurants

Get a taste of why Denmark is Scandinavia's gourmet food powerhouse at the 24 Michelin restaurants!

Bib Gourmand restaurants in Denmark

Gourmet food at reasonable prices? YES PLEASE! Next stop: Denmark's tasty Bib Gourmand restaurants.

noma – Four-time World’s Best Restaurant!

You better book a table at noma before reading this! Because it might already be fully booked..

Danish Food 101

Denmark’s love affair with food goes back a long way. Get to know the mouth-watering classics.

8 traditional Danish dishes that you shouldn't miss!

Do you want to experience Danish culture face-first? Then let us introduce you to 8 traditional Danish dishes - most of which have names that are difficult to pronounce - such as smørrebrød, frikadeller, pastries and hot dogs.

Recipes from Denmark

Get your wooden spoon and apron at the ready: we're here to satisfy your unquenchable wanderlust and bring a slice of happy Denmark to your kitchen. From impossible to pronounce Danish desserts to our daily staple, rye bread, there's plenty to keep you occupied here.

Recommendations you ought to try

We love to share our tips and recommendations about where to eat or go for a drink. But do you trust us enough to try it yourself? That is the question...

Skål! Discover Denmark's local beer breweries

From global beer-makers to local microbreweries, Denmark is a nation of beer-lovers and beer-brewers

9 whisky distilleries you ought try in Denmark

Do whisky and Denmark go together? You bet! Want to join us for a whisky tasting?

Our guide to the best of Copenhagen's food scene

Here are our top picks for the 7 best ways to dig into Copenhagen's scrumptious food scene.

Are you one of those who eat with their eyes first?

Good! So are we. And that's why flicking through people's mouth-watering food pics from Denmark is one of our favourite ways to pass the time between meals. 🤤 (Your shot might be included right here - once you've been of course.)

Eating on a budget

It's not all fine dining in Denmark! Danes do the classic hot dog with the same pride and gusto as molecular gastronomy. See how we put our own twist on street food.

Cheap eats in Denmark

Photo: Storms Pakhus - Odense Street Food

Try these 5 gastro-getaways before everyone else!

Bornholm – an island of everyday culinary heroes

Everyone’s talking about Bornholm, until now one of our best kept secrets! The sunshine island has always drawn Danes, but now the secret’s out, more and more people are tasting Bornholm’s unique island culture. Read on to meet the local food pioneers transforming this foodie destination.

Henne Kirkeby Kro

Hide away on the West Coast while being served delicious 2-Michelin-starred menus!

Falsled Kro

Stay in a 500-year-old inn on the lush Danish countryside and treat yourself to an extraordinary dining experience.

Dragsholm Castle

Sleep and dine like royalty at Dragsholms Castle and its Michelin-starred restaurant.


The chef at Molskroen aims for the stars - Michelin stars that is - so you better get yourself to Djursland before everyone else does!

An introduction to Danish wine

Photo: laban