Familie mit Surfbrettern am Strand von Løkken in Nordjütland

Come here for stress-free family travel!

Welcome to fairytale Denmark!

It's not a myth: there is a place where you can have a stress-free family holiday, where your kids are welcome just about everywhere, where playgrounds are anything but boring and even the pickiest eaters can find something they will eat. Welcome to Denmark!


Our little land of everyday wonder is the land that LEGO built, the land of the Vikings and the land of the trolls, all in one. We have clean sandy beaches, plenty of places to play outdoors, engaging and interactive museums, great ice cream and hot dogs at the ready. Come on in and join the fun!

The best things to do for the whole family

Here's our top pick for things to do that will pique your own interests while making you parent of the year!

The most popular things to do with kids in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a treasure trove of experiences for children! We'll guide you to the best of them to make sure you'll be awarded 'parent of the year' by your kids. And the best part of it all is that you might actually have time to relax in the meantime (here's hoping anyways...).

Explore the home of LEGO®, the world's favourite toy!

LEGO® is known and loved by children and adults throughout the world, thanks to its ingenious simplicity and the endless imaginative possibilities. Here are some things you may not know about LEGO, the world’s favourite toy.

12 castles you should visit in Denmark

Walk through Danish history and the homes of the Danish Royal Family at these stunning castles.

Top 10 Viking sites in Denmark

Spoiler alert: this list actually has 12 great Viking sites because keeping it to 10 was too hard.

Child-friendly cycling holidays

Denmark is one of the best cycling destinations in the world and our gentle terrain and safe tracks make Denmark particularly child-friendly.

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Oh, for a good night's sleep!

Don't be kept up all night thinking about where to stay in Denmark with the kids - we're got the lowdown on family-friendly accommodation options, along with insights on how Danish families explore Denmark. 

Do it like the Danes - find hygge as a family in a holiday cottage!

Family-friendly places to stay in Denmark

Fairytale trails for children

Denmark's magical kingdom includes mermaids, unicorns, trolls and dinosaurs. Whatever your kids are into, you can help them take home outstanding memories with these family trails. 


Come down to the forests of Denmark and discover some very special people hiding amid the trees.


You know the story about the famous one, right? She's not the only little mermaid you'll find in Denmark...


You'll find rainbows in Denmark, and also unicorns. And even a throne made out of unicorn horns!


Dinosaurs stalk all parts of Denmark, including the canteen of a bank! Dino-mad fans, come right this way...