Little street in Odense, Fyn.

Ninna's tips for getting to know Denmark

Photo: Kim Wyon

Join our travel trade representative in the USA, Ninna Seerup, as she gives you a personal tour of her top places to visit in Denmark. 

My name is Ninna and I am from the northern part of Denmark, more precisely Aalborg in North Jutland. 

For the US traveler I will say there is still a lot of Denmark to discover. Denmark has short travel distances, and you can easily explore both the coast and the bigger cities in one vacation. This is something that remains unknow for a lot of people.

Photo: Ditte Isager

Beautiful Aalborg

My home region remains one of my favorite spots in Denmark. Aalborg is beautiful with it’s placement right by the fjord and with it’s combination of half-timbered houses on cobbled streets and contemporary architecture such as the Utzon Center and Kunsten Museum of Modern Art. A hidden gem is the west part of the city with it’s Marina right by the fjord. Here you can easily strike up conversation with the locals – who will most likely be strolling around with a waffle-ice cream in their hands. A great place to experience the Danish "hygge". 

Kayaking Frederiksholm Canal, Copenhagen
Photo: Thomas Rousing

Cruise Copenhagen

Copenhagen is of course a must-visit in Denmark! The canal boat tour remains one of the best ways to get a feeling of Copenhagen, as the city is constructed around canals.

Girl biking in the neighbourhood of Christianshavn in Copenhagen
Photo: @jeremiekung

Bike like the locals

The local way of commuting in Copenhagen is by bike, and visitors should try a guided bike tour to see the local streets of Copenhagen. Make sure the bike tour crosses the bike snake – you will feel like you’re flying over the canals of the city! If you would like to explore the newest, hippest part of town, then ask your guide to take you to Refshaleøen!

The Danish parliament building Christiansborg Palace
Photo: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

360 degree view at Christiansborg Tower

For visitors with an interest in Nordic Noir – or politics – then the Tower of Christiansborg Palace is a great place to visit. With a 360 degree view of the city, you can even see the bridge to Sweden on a clear day. The tower also serves as a lunch restaurant, where visitors can try the famous Danish open-faced sandwich.

People hanging out in front of Kronborg Castle in Helsingør
Photo: Daniel Overbeck - VisitNordsjælland

Go North to historic Kronborg Castle

I always tell my friends, who are visiting Copenhagen, to take one day out of the city. Buy a train ticket and go up north to see Louisiana Museum and Kronborg Castle. Visit in summer and experience Hamlet Live! A truly fun and engaging experience, where the castle comes to live with English speaking actors performing Hamlet in in the castle! The train time from Copenhagen to Kronborg Castle is only 1 hour by train. That’s the same as my morning commute from Brooklyn to our office in Midtown! 

Odense, home of Hans Christian Andersen

Another great daytrip is to take the train from Copenhagen to Odense, the birthplace of fairytale writer H.C. Andersen. The train time is only 1 h 20 minutes from Copenhagen. The city of Odense is dotted with the most charming half-timbered houses and cobbled stone streets I’ve seen. Make sure to visit the small craft-men shops. I’ve brought friends from the U.S. there and they loved it.

Ninna Seerup
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