Greencubator, a co-working space in Copenhagen

Why not work from Denmark?

Photo: Greencubator

If you can work from anywhere, why not work from here? If you're looking for somewhere to work while you're travelling, or want to include a taste of Copenhagen life with your new flexi work schedule, we've got just the places for you...


Zoku: live and work in Denmark

Copenhagen's newest work-live space is Zoku, an apart-hotel set up for co-working in its charming bar/work area at the top. The hotel also has dedicated personnel to help your entry into Denmark, and bedrooms cleverly configured so you can have friends over and not need to sit on your bed. For those looking for a longer stay, as well as those wanting to live/work, it's a really good option and just two metro stops from the city centre.

Republikken, a co-working space in Copenhagen
Photo: Jakob Bekker Hansen

Republikken: for digital nomads on the run

Republikken offers a super flexible workspace in the heart of Copenhagen where you only pay for the hours you are using the space. The relaxed and friendly office is perfect for digital nomads on the run - just show up at the door. They also offer monthly memberships and private offices away from the cafe-style main co-working space, and have a decent coffee machine with free coffee all day. Republikken's shared lunch allows you to mingle with the other creative folk working there.


SOHO: a breathing space in the Meatpacking District

SOHO is a popular co-working space with three different locations, two in the Meatpacking District and one in central Copenhagen. They have different monthly memberships, where you are free to choose your own level of flexibility in where and when you want to feel productive.


Mesh Community: for individuals or teams alike

Founders House and Matrikel1 are both a part of Mesh Community where you can apply for a monthly membership as an individual or a team. Founders House is close to Islands Brygge near the clean urban habour baths, and you can find Matrikel1 at Højbro Plads in Central Copenhagen. Both give you a great taste of historic city streets, culture and character to go along with your working life. 


ordnung+: great for flexibility

A few minutes’ walk away from Copenhagen Central Station you find ordnung+ in an 18th-century building by the town square. They make it easy for you to become a part of their workspace by offering you a one-day pass and a spot in their flexible offices. 


Greencubator: for those with a green conscience

Greencubator is a non-profit hub with a sustainable vision and profile in colourful Nørrebro. With a monthly membership you have access to the workspace 24/7 (so you can troubleshoot your start-up whatever timezone you're working with), and you'll become a part of a community where collaboration is a part of daily life.

Nomad coworking space in Copenhagen
Photo: Marcus Trappaud Bjørn

Nomad: for a month or more

Situated in the old buildings of the former Nørrebro’s courthouse, the diverse community of Nomad Workspace is flexible and suits teams and individuals alike. You'll need to take out a monthly membership to be a part of the family, but that gives you access to the cafe, a lunch service and a range of member events. 


The Rabbit Hole: award-winning and cozy

In Frederiksberg, the high-end district of Copenhagen, you'll find a bright and cozy workspace called The Rabbit Hole. This award-winning workspace offers both part-time and full time memberships, but whatever you prefer, you can consider yourself a part of the close working community where you can share ideas, experience, skills and dreams.


Huone: for 6 or 725 people

The global conference center Huone is close to Copenhagen Airport and not far from Sweden, so it's a great location already for digital nomads working across countries. Another award-winner, it offers creative rooms for workshops, meetings and events. It's not truly a co-working space - you won't be mingling with other self-employed people - but it is useful to know about if you need a flexible, creative space that works for you. 

Make the most of your work/life balance

Just some more ideas to help your global nomad dreams take flight...

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