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Photo:© Johan Gjøde. Photo: Dennis Borup Jakobsen&Jacob Hansen

Nestled in the middle of Jutland, Denmark's second city is at the forefront of tech, food, health care, life science, and sustainability. And, of course, it’s all easy to reach - with a choice of three airports in the region and easy transport routes nearby. 

Business events find a natural home in Aarhus, ranked among the world's best for congresses by ICCA.

Plan an event in Aarhus

This international conference city has dazzling venues and a variety of unique spaces for events and congresses. The dedicated team from VisitAarhus Convention Bureau is always on hand to help make your event a success.

Aarhus is where you go if you’ve seen the capitals of Europe and still hope that a city you have never heard of will appear and, like an unexpected soul mate, sweep you off your feet. - Nathan Heller, Travel Magazine

Everything is closer in Aarhus

Convenient transportation options. Entertainment only a few steps from conference buildings. Hotels in the heart of the action. Everything is close by in Aarhus, perfect for a conference.

The best events start with the best ingredients

Aarhus is great place to sample Denmark’s top-notch cuisine. Especially if it’s sourced from fifth generation fishmonger, Jakob Clausen - supplier to many of the city’s leading restaurants. Here's how Jacob adds a bit of wonder to events in Aarhus. 

Jakob Clausen, fishmonger, Aarhus

Passion for excellence in Aarhus

Photo: Jacob Hansen

More about Aarhus for business

  • All of Aarhus' ten largest venues have capacity for more than 500 guests.
  • The largest venues have a capacity for up to 2,000.
  • Aarhus Conference Campus has two conference halls, each with room for 1,600 people, so it can accommodate over 3,000+ attendees in total.
  • 73% of all hotels in the city are officially eco-certified.
  • A unique hotel and conference centre for more than 2,500 delegates is being built over the next four years in Aarhus Ø. 
  • Aarhus aims to achieve a zero carbon footprint by 2030.
  • Aarhus has a corps of over 2000 local volunteers to help at large events and offer visitors a warm welcome. 

Case study: IoT Week

With education and scientific research as a key focus area, Aarhus is home to several world-leading experts and a unique hotspot for hosting an academic conference. See what happened when Aarhus hosted the Internet of Things week in 2019.

Salling Rooftop in Aarhus

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Photo: Photopop - VisitAarhus

Getting to Aarhus

It's easy to reach Aarhus from Denmark and the rest of the world, with three airports right at the heart of this region. And if you fancy a treat, there's a stunning seaplane service from Aarhus to Copenhagen that only takes an hour.

Billund Airport - In Denmark
Billund Airport - In Denmark
Aarhus Airport
Aarhus Airport
Nordic Seaplanes
Nordic Seaplanes
Airport Midtjyllands Lufthavn
Airport Midtjyllands Lufthavn

Explore more of East Jutland

Go beyond Aarhus for more excellent facilities, innovative initiatives and strong can-do spirit. In the city of Herning, you'll find some of Denmark's largest event spaces and an entire city taking events to the next level. 

Simon Nielsen in the ice hockey rink at MCH in Herning, Denmark

Go big on team-spirit for events

Photo: Jacob Hansen

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