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Nordic Seaplanes

See Denmark from above aboard a seaplane taking off on Copenhagen harbor. 

Nordic Seaplanes combine two pretty special experiences: Seeing Denmark from above while enjoying a flight with a seaplane.

Get a special view of the city aboard a Twin Otter seaplane. Aboard the plane, you will also get a good feeling of the proximity to Sweden just across the sound.

Nordic Seaplanes is the fastest way to get from Copenhagen to Aarhus. But they also offer a quick round trip between the two cities as a fun experience for people who simply want to experience flying aboard a seaplane. At the special round trip, passengers travel back and forth without exiting the plane and travel at a reduced price. You can also take a sightseeing flight over Copenhagen during the summer. 

Sailing toward take-off, you pass The Little Mermaid. The quite spectacular ride takes approximately 45 minutes.