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The vibrant street Olufsvej is located in the neighbourhood of Østerbro in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen for business events

The bike chef biking with group on bridge in Copenhagen

It's difficult not to be charmed by Copenhagen. Denmark's compact capital is clean, safe and relaxed. It is home to not only some of the world's best venues but also cozy cafés, shops and some of the best restaurants in Scandinavia. Winding alleys, pioneering architecture and exciting attractions make a perfect blend of old and new. And Copenhagen Airport is just 13 minutes from the city center. 

Scroll on to see how Denmark's capital can bring a bit of wonder into your event.  

Cycling meets food - and we're in love

Meet Morten Wulff - a bicycle chef (yes, it's a thing here). Genius that he is, he merged both his love for cycling and his passion for exquisite food, to create a wonderfully creative events experience.

Morten Kryger the bicycle chef in Copenhagen

Swap meeting rooms for a bicycle adventure

Sustainability, innovation and design

A waste energy plant that doubles as a ski slope? No biggie. Treat your delegates to one of Copenhagen's everyday wonders and see design, innovation and green thinking come together. Patrik will be your guide to Copenhill in the video below.

Patrick Gustavsson in front of Copenhill, Copenhagen, Denmark

Experience Copenhill