Sustainable food spots in Copenhagen

Photo: Jacob Hansen

Treat your team to dinner on a rooftop farm or get your veggies in at Copenhagen's oldest amusement park. Here are our top spots to experience Copenhagen's exceptional food scene - with a clear conscience. 

Group of people looking at herbs at Gro Spiseri /Østergro i Copenhagen
Photo: Jacob Hansen


In Denmark we grow herbs, vegetables and fruits on the rooftops of our high-rise buildings. Take your team to ‘Gro Spiseri’ on Østerbro and enjoy leafy goodies from the restaurants’ lush rooftop farm in their adjacent greenhouse eatery. 

People eating at Banegaarden in Copenhagen
Photo: Mellanie Gandø


Take your team dining in a sustainable Narnia in the center of Copenhagen. Hidden behind the old railway tracks, BaneGaarden offers everything from a seven course dinner to workshops and farmers markets. All in urban and wild west surroundings created from sustainable and recycled materials.

Par sitter utenfor og spiser ved Øens Have i København
Photo: Jacob Hansen

Øens Have

Ready for a truly fresh meal? Step into this oasis tucked away in Refshaleøen, a former industrial area of Copenhagen. It is the perfect place for you and your team to devour their fresh, organic produce. Enjoy sitting amongst the bounty of plants, vegetables and herbs growing all around their distinctive and cosy tents. 

Ark Restaurant in Copenhagen
Photo: Christoffer Rosenfeldt


Casual fine dining meets tasty experiences from the vegan kitchen at restaurant Ark. Say goodbye to clichés about vegan food and hello to a reality where the plant-based kitchen can awaken just as many taste buds. Try out their other two extraordinary eateries; Bistro Lupa and Souls

STUD!O Restaurant in Carlsberg Byen
Photo: © Wonderful Copenhagen Photo: Chris Tonnesen

Restaurant STUD!O

STUD!O, in the beautiful Carlsberg Byen area of the city, is headed up by Michelin Guide Young Chef Award chef Christoffer Sørensen. His vision sets the agenda in STUD!O's kitchen, exploring gastronomic and sustainable trends from the foraged to the fermented. 

Take your team to the top

Pick your own veggies at Copenhagen's rooftop farm, Østergro, and treat your team to a fantastic dinner in the sky. 

Steffen from Østergro/GroSpiseri in Copenhagen

Dine at a rooftop farm

Photo: Jacob Hansen

Eat on

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