Planet-friendly food experiences in Fyn

Photo: Jacob Hansen

Minimise your event's carbon footprint without compromising on great taste. Here are our top spots in Fyn to treat your team to exceptional food - the planet-friendly way. 

A team of people foraging in Fyn
Photo: Jacob Hansen

Go foraging in Fyn

Ever wondered if you could experience a place... by eating it? Take your team foraging in beautiful nature in Fyn and let them get a taste of the season's herbs and berries. 

Local & organic spirits at Nyborg Destilleri

Nyborg Destilleri is Denmark’s largest craft distillery and proud producers of organic spirits. Let your team take a guided tour through copper stills, whisky casks, and beautiful aromas. The newly refurbished train workshops from the 1870's speaks volumes of times past and is located right by the harbor of Nyborg.

Food at Restaurant Vaar in Fyn
Photo: Restaurant Vår

Gourmet at Restaurant Vaar

This friendly restaurant with only six tables, set on a historic cobbled street, opened in 2017, but was already mentioned in the White Guide in 2018. Jacob Burmølle-Jensen (formerly at Kadeau and Restaurant Naert) rules the kitchen with the principles of minimalism, sustainability and ecology clearly visible in both menu and decor.


Vegan and organic at Café Kosmos

Sustainability is top priority at Café Kosmos where all ingredients are organic, vegan and grown as locally as possible - all to minimise the impact on the planet and animals and to contribute to a brighter future.

Broholm Slot on Fyn
Photo: Knud Mortensen

Broholm Castle

Relax, host meetings, bond with your team, and, most importantly, eat great local produce at this beautiful and historic castle. Team building has never been easier or done in a more idyllic place than Broholm. 

Experience Fyn... by eating it

Not your standard teambuilding activity, forager Rikke takes teams from sea buckthorn and wild garlic to exceptional fine dining on Fyn. 

Rikke with a team foraging on Fyn

Go foraging in Fyn

Photo: Jacob Hansen

Eat on...

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