The Circus Building

Think outside the box! If you are between 30-1000 people, you can use the different and inspiring rooms of the Circus Building in Copenhagen for your next conference, dinner or event. We guarantee success, whether you wish to celebrate and honor, feed and fascinate or impress and inform.

Beneath the impressive dome lies the big Circus Hall, a perfect room for high-flying thoughts and far-reaching plans. Smaller groups can experience the magical atmosphere as well. The old stable, now Buddha Lounge, is ideal for both professional and social events.

Today the Circus Building is the oldest of its kind in Europe. It was inaugurated with an enormous public celebration in Copenhagen on the 8th of May 1886. Since then, the building has played host to a wide variety of Danish and international circus troupes. Today it plays a major role in Danish and international business communities.

We guarantee you professional advice throughout the process: everything from idea development and continuous planning to execution and evaluation.

We bring everything and everyone together in harmony!




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Marlene Sønderhaug

Conference & Event Manager

Tel: +45 3318 7064



The Circus Building

Jernbanegade 8

DK-1608 Copenhagen V