All year around it is an experience to visit Christinero, the small protected park southwest of Christiansfeld is owned by the Moravians.

The park is a popular place for walking and cycling.
A white painted gate leads straight to the park that is created as a romantic garden in the late 1700s by the wife of Chamberlain von Holstein, Christina Friederica von Holstein. Here she lived and probably had her best moments, and here she is, on her own request, buried.
Christina Friederica von Holstein called the facility ‘My thoughts' but after her death the name was changed to Christinero. In the park you can find three well-preserved buildings: Boiling house, pavilion and chapel.

Closest to the white gate there are two ponds, each with a fountain.

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6070 Christiansfeld




Longitude : 9.466334
Latitude : 55.341934