Changing of The Royal Guard at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen,

All our world-famous bits (and some surprises!)

Rubjerg Knude in North Jutland

Say hello to the highlights of Denmark!

We all know the best thing about travelling can often be the unexpected things you see along the way; the people; the discoveries you make all by yourself. But we also know that we're all human. And sometimes you just want to marvel at the big, the bold and the beautiful classics. So have a look at ours.

Two girls enjoy Copenhagen Pride LGBTQIX, Denmark

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Copenhagen Classics

These really are the usual suspects. Three of Copenhagen's beloved and most-famous attractions that we all just can't get enough of.

A 1000-year-old Viking Kingdom

Royal families don't get much older than this. Queen Margrethe II is descended from Viking kings, who ruled Denmark a thousand years ago. When you're here, you can explore everything the Vikings left behind and maybe even bump into our current royal family.

Everyone's welcome!

Denmark was the first country in the world to legally recognise same-sex couples, and we're proud of our traditions of tolerance, equality and respect. 

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LGBTI+ in Denmark

Our biggest natural wonders

Size matters. So we've picked our three biggest and most-dramatic natural attractions to start off. Giant disappearing lighthouses. Rugged white cliffs. And, you might be surprised to hear, some of the biggest beaches in Europe!

How Denmark invented fun

OK, we didn't actually invent fun. But now you're reading this... we are responsible for two enormous contributions to the world of play and make-believe. Can you guess what they are?

Destination Spotlight: Zealand and the Danish Riviera

With names like The Danish Riviera and The Cold Caribbean, you can probably guess that Zealand is the kind of island where Danes go to relax and unwind. And the good news? Copenhagen is actually on it anyway!

Frederiksborg Castle North Zealand

More famous sights than you can shake a selfie stick at!

We'll just squeeze a few more famous sights before you go...

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