Copenhagen opens Olafur Eliasson's new Circle Bridge

The bridge that has no corners is already a hit among Copenhageners as well as visitors. With some 5,000 daily users, Olafur Eliasson's Circle Bridge brings new life to Copenhagen's popular waterfront.

Some are jogging across the new Circle Bridge designed by Olafur Eliasson. Others are biking it. Latte-drinking parents push their prams across, and stock traders take a break on it.

A donation from the Nordea Foundation, the 40-metre bridge consists of five circles of varying sizes which span a gap in Copenhagen's harbour front.

An artistic bridge

According to Eliasson, who was born in Copenhagen but spent much of his childhood in Iceland, the bridge's circles and masts were designed to awaken memories of Copenhagen's maritime past.

"The masts don't have a function, but I think they look quite nice," he adds with an understated smile.

Most bridges connect Point A to B in the shortest amount of space and time. But according to Eliasson, he deliberately created a zig-zag route on the Circle Bridge that forces pedestrians and cyclists to slow down, hesitate and engage in what he calls "bodily thought" – which is basically artist talk for taking a breather.

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How to find the Circle Bridge

The Circle Bridge by Olafur Eliasson

• Some 5,000 people run, walk, cycle or just take a break on the Circle Bridge every day.
• Local residents can apply for a special bridgemaster permit that gives them the keys for opening and closing the bridge.
• The man behind the creation is none other than Olafur Eliasson, the Danish-Icelandic artist who brought waterfalls to New York City and installed a riverbed in Louisiana Art Museum.
• You can also experience his iconic Your Rainbow Panorama at the ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus.


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