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Don't stop your island hop!

Did you know that you can island hop in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen? It’s just one of a number of sustainability projects ongoing in the harbour that bring new life to our waterfront areas.

More about island life in Denmark

All the little islands you should take care not to miss, and some tasty treats to expect when you're there.

How about going on a virtual island hop ?

Get a few tips of about the life on an island hopper in Denmark by flipping through these pics from fellow island fans. 

Continue your journey of wonders!

pony x nordlandet
Bornholm – an island of everyday culinary heroes
De leukste Denemarken regio's voor een herfstvakantie
Treat yourself to some room to breathe
The Opal Lake on Bornholm , an island in Denmark
The islands leading the way
Camel Heads Rocks, Bornholm
Taste authentic island life on Bornholm