Robben bei Thyborøn an der Dänischen Nordsee
Island hopping

around Denmark

Christiansø, ertholmene, bornholm

Our island nation

Denmark is made up of 444 islands. That’s right – one island for every day of the year, and then 79 more after that. It’s a great destination if you enjoy island-hopping: from the Fyn archipelago to culinary hot-spot Bornholm, and the eco-orientated island of Samsø, there are plenty to choose from. You can even combine island hopping and cycling on a tour of Denmark – our ferries happily offer space for cyclists, and our interconnecting bridges have bike lanes too.  

The big three

Our three largest islands, and perhaps the best known, are Bornholm, Zealand (or Seeland) and Funen.

Don't stop your island hop!

Did you know that you can island hop in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen? It’s just one of a number of sustainability projects ongoing in the harbour that bring new life to our waterfront areas.

More about island life in Denmark

All the little islands you should take care not to miss, and some tasty treats to expect when you're there.

How about going on a virtual island hop ?

Get a few tips of about the life on an island hopper in Denmark by flipping through these pics from fellow island fans. 

Continue your journey of wonders!

Bornholm – an island of everyday culinary heroes
pony x nordlandet
Treat yourself to some room to breathe
Girl in Rold Forest in autumn
The islands leading the way
The Opal Lake on Bornholm , an island in Denmark
Taste authentic island life on Bornholm
Camel Heads Rocks, Bornholm