Thy National Park

Photo: Susanne Worm

Head out into the untouched dunes, twisted forests and traditional seaside villages of Denmark's wildest national park. You'll easily see why the local rhythms and traditions in and around Thy National Park are shaped by the powerful North Sea, at places like Cold Hawaii and Stenbjerg.

Why you should visit Thy National Park

We’ll just get the obvious out of the way first of all… Thy National Park is beautiful. It is a national park after all! It’s also peaceful, in a wild and windswept kind of way. But what makes Thy National Park unique is surely the way you can get up close to the traditional rhythms of the coastal communities here and come away with an understanding of what it means to thrive in a place shaped by wind and water.

The wild landscapes of Thy National Park

Thy National Park is Denmark’s oldest national park, a rugged coastal wilderness where you can explore over 200km² of trails on foot or by bike, through sand-swept forests, dramatic dunes and wide sandy beaches. You can also drive to many of Thy’s most impressive sights and attractions, or saddle up and explore on horseback. The park is free, open all day every day and easy to cover in one visit.

Try a fishing trip with the locals

At the historic fishing village of Stenbjerg inside Thy National Park, you can head out to sea with local guides and fishermen like Bent Quaade (pictured). They know the waters of this stretch of the North Sea like the back of their hands, as well as the natural rhythms of the national park. And at the end of a successful day on the waves, you can head to historic Stenbjerg Kro, an old Danish inn overlooking the sea, to sample the catch of the day.