Billund Airport

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Passagerterminalen 10

7190 Billund


Phone:7650 5050

fax:7650 5076


West Denmark's International Airport
Providing service to an annual 2.7 million passengers, it is Billund Airport’s mission to be West Denmark’s international airport. The airport provides all West Danes with easy access to and from the world.

An array of airlines have flights with direct connections to Billund from more than 50 European destinations comprising important central airports such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Helsinki, Istanbul, Brussels and London. Via the main Hub airports Billund is connected to, the airport is reachable from more than 530 destinations across the World. 

Following airlines are currently operating scheduled flights to/from Billund Airport; Air Baltic, Air France, Atlantic Airways, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, DAT, Finnair, Icelandair, KLM, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Primera Air, Ryanair, SAS, Turkish Airlines and Wizz Air.


Transport to and from the airport

Many daily busses connects Billund Airport to the town center, however taxis are also available just outside the terminal. If the sun is shining and the luggage is not too heavy LEGOLAND and Lalandia is just a 30 minutes stroll from the airport.


Passagerterminalen 10

7190 Billund

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