Dejbjerg Hede

Lovely routes in Dejbjerg Plantation and Dejbjerg Heath. South of the road between Lem and Hanning is the protected 118 hectares Dejbjerg Heath. The heath is maintained to avoid reproduction of self-sown trees. South of the fire lane the heath is own by the Danish Company “ HedeDanmark”, who is specialised in providing services for forests, fields, parks and much more. In the western part of the heath is a group of 25 ancient mounds. From the heath is access to the mounds on the hill top from where you have an impressive view of the landscape. At bright days you can see Ringkøbing Fjord and the North Sea about 20 km away. Facing south you can see the Skjern River valley and Borris Heath, and in the horizon Ølgod can be spotted 25 km away. 20 church towers can be seen from the vantage point. Dejbjerg Heath and Hills cannot be mentioned without giving thoughts to the gipsies. It was an interesting and strange people, who were social outcasts because of their “impure” work and their vagrant life. Comprehensive literature describes these peoples life on the heath. There are 3 marked routes in Dejbjerg Plantation and Dejbjerg Heath. The path covering is sand and forest floor. It is possible to move about with a wheel-chair and pram. Tables and benches are arranged by the parking places.