Nordic Seaplanes

See Denmark from above aboard a seaplane with take off on Copenhagen harbour. 

Nordic Seaplanes combine two pretty special experiences: Seeing Denmark from above while enjoying a flight with a seaplane.

Get a special view of the city aboard a Twin Otter seaplane. Aboard the plane you will also get a good feeling of the proximity to Sweden just across the sound.

Nordic Seaplanes are the fastest way to get from Copenhagen to Aarhus. But they also offer a quick round trip between the two cities as a fun experience for people who simply want to experience flying aboard a seaplane. At the special round trip passengers travel back and forth without exiting the plane and travel at a reduced price. You can also take a sightseeing flight over Copenhagen every Monday and Friday during the summer. 

Sailing toward take off, you pass The Little Mermaid. The quite spectacular ride takes approximately 30 minutes of which 20 are in the air.