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Ryegaard and Trudsholm Manors

Ryegaard and Trudsholm Manors are located between Holbæk and Roskilde. Agriculture and forestry are the businesses of the manors. The 2 estates have approximately 200 hectares of natural areas that are maintained e.g. by grazing sheep, cows and horses. There are more than 70 burial mounds in the area.

Around Christmas you can cut down your own Christmas tree at Ryegaard and Trudsholm Manors and there is a Christmas market. Regularly they also offer activities for both companies and individuals 

Ryegaard Manor
Ryegaard's history dates back to before 1350. Ryegaard has for long periods dominated a very large area in the current Lejre municipality. The manor has been owned by the family Scheel since 1824.

Trudsholm Manor
Trudsholms listed main building, which is perhaps the oldest single Renaissance building in Denmark, was built in 1551. The manor's main building was substantially rebuilt in 1874 and has not been inhabited since 1990. Today it is in a relatively poor condition. Trudsholm is used for exhibitions and events, both for companies, associations and individuals.

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