The restaurant Studio at the harbour front finds inspiration in Danish and international landscapes and creates dishes that represent our nature.

The restaurant received its first Michelin star in 2014 which it has since maintained together with its sky-high level of both gastronomy and service. 

The restaurant opened in October 2013 and was after only four months awarded 1 Michelin-star, which it has held sine. In October 2014 STUD!O was named the 3rd best restaurant in Denmark and the 10th best restaurant in the Nordic countries by White Guide Nordic.

STUD!O is a workshop of passion with an inquisitive, curious and playful cuisine, challenging the dogmas in the Nordic kitchen tradition. Torsten Vildgaard, STUD!O's initial Head Chef was a significant part of that and a driving force at noma’s test kitchen for 8 years from 2005-2012.

Max capacity: 40 pax