Vestermølle (Westmill) Museum

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Oddervej 80 D

8660 Skanderborg


Phone:86 51 17 20

Mobile:40 50 03 33

Vestermølle (Westmill)
- by Lake Skanderborg.

Visit Vestermølle Museum and the Virtual Museum of Vestermølle and get a glimpse of the cooperative movement's great importance to agriculture and society in general.

Explore the special exhibition about Anders Nielsen, who was founder of the the cooperative movement. Discover the grinder compartment with water turbine, generator, stone mill and grain roll. In the old granary, which today is the Virtual Museum, you will get a fascinating insight into the past 500 years of history of Denmark seen from Vestermølle.

In the garden you will find the old and beautiful banqueting hall, now used for parties and meetings and is the setting for Skanderborgmunicipality civil marriages in the summer. A preserved place that was renovated in 2010.

Vestermølle is situated by Skanderborg Lake, and is accessible both from the highway and waterway. you can sail on the ship "Dagmar" from City Park and combine the trip with lunch or coffee at Restaurant Vestermølle. 


Vestermølle is an ideal destination for groups. The Vestermølle Society is ready to accept orders for guided groupvisits 7 days a week, all year round. Contact Jørgen Lund Christiansen on: 40 50 03 33 or write to

The place can be opned to visitors outside the opening hours this can be arranged by phone 40 50 03 33. 

Restaurant Vestermølle:

The path by Vestermølle: 


Oddervej 80 D

8660 Skanderborg



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